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“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”     – Nora Ephron, director, author and screenwriter

Perhaps it’s because your numbered days seem to race by with haste, fulfilling the agenda of Father Time.  Or, maybe because your roster of fumbles and failures rivals your collection of shining moments and successes.  Regardless which perceived doom or disgrace you choose to pick a fight with, some of you ultimately succumb to the stealthy seep of cynicism, and allow it to kill off your once-unshakable vision of the world as your proverbial oyster.  As if one experience too many tilted the scale, and the game of life shifted the odds against you …or so you think.  Sound familiar?  Sound…overly dramatic?  Well, perhaps you owe it to yourself to reexamine that turning point that buried your self-esteem and self-preserving passion for enduring the risk for the reward.  Sure you may not be able to revise the results, but you can always change your defeated perspective to pave the way for future-perfect positivity.  Remember: the whole world can’t be against you!  Folks, when you choose to accept your history without judgment and punishment, you in turn resuscitate your current reality and free yourself from falling prey to pessimism again.  Crown yourself for surviving the past-tense and you’ll thrive as the knight in shining armor for all your days to come. 

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