SOAPBOX of the week: ready, willing and lucky

“Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity.”     – Elmer G. Letterman, author

Our whole lives this intangible, karmic concept twinkles in life’s ever-changing backdrop. An ever-present layer in the atmosphere that confetties its blessings with random affection and keeps us mesmerized like naïve children. It’s the stories of winning lottery tickets, love at first sight, and killer jog opportunities that string us along with unsquashable hope that the unpredictable sprinkles will find us someday …if we’re reeeaally good! Well, humor me, but don’t hold your breath too long, folks. Instead, try shifting your perspective to a more proactive stance with you at the helm, actually creating your own good fortune. Hey, why not think you could be that powerful of a force? After all, tenacity, smart decisions, honest efforts, integrity and goodwill tend to concoct those right-place-right-time magical scenarios from which anyone and everyone can prosper. So, if you want your own 4-leaf-clover tales to share, roll up your sleeves, peel open your eyes, and get ready for greatness…and once-in-a-lifetime blessings will most certainly land right at your feet.

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