SOAPBOX of the week: ode to Halloween

Folks, this was one of the very first SOAPBOX® vignettes launched on the site… but it bears repeating!  As kiddos, we’re constantly told to “GROW UP!”… but as adults we truly need to LIGHTEN UP and recognize what fun can still look like!  The upcoming holiday of dressing up for no damn reason and wrestling over “the better candy bar” is your perfect launching pad for the rest of the year.

“Fun has a sacred dimension.” – Adriana Diaz, life coach

As kids we set up camp in that realm, only coming out when paged or prompted by someone in charge. We experienced “fun” in just about everything -down to a Cracker Jack prize!- and saturated our present tense with laughter and a contagious carefree attitude. So, how now do you define “fun”? Where do you go to find it? Stumped? Well, perhaps you’re light on amusement TODAY because you’re caught up in creating TOMORROW. The “land of fun” is found in an entirely different sphere of your perception …but it’s always there, twinkling in the background. So choose to dip into its unending supply of amusement, uninhibited laughter, and memories of wonderfully pointless activities -and that special sparkle you bring back to the “real world” will confetti your perspective with the delightful new energy of a kid.

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