SOAPBOX of the week: the learning curves of life

 “All things are difficult before they are easy.”     – Dr. Thomas Fuller, physician & preacher

Very few things in life come with an instruction manual, estimation of time to completion, or list of things you’ll have to weather to succeed.  Reminisce closing your first deal, raising a kiddo, heck, even learning how to tie your shoes.  But even if directions were available to us for the things we choose to undertake, a peculiar variable called “the learning curve” shows up.  It’s a mystery how our genetic makeup sets our level of intellect and how quickly we simply “get it”.  But the ultimate deciding factors of how swiftly you triumph over a challenge are your determination and your discipline.   Nothing is impossible, folks.  And when you don’t stand in your own way, everything can become a beautiful walk in the park.

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