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PS.com mainheaderThe official launch of the PURE SOAPBOX channel will be in late Fall at puresoapbox.com, and will feature two series: SOAPBOX® Shot in the Arm and EVOLVE or DECAY.  Two very different shows, but through both I want to speak to the men out there who’ve been seeking a genuine and consistent shot in the arm- of stories, insights, wisdom and wit that encourages, uplifts and inspires them to look beyond the stress that’s eating away at their lives.  And to ultimately get fired up about the choices and changes they can indeed make to regain influence over their circumstances to become a better man, sharper leader, more communicative spouse, more compassionate friend, more inspiring father and overall more courageous human being.


And, of course, Kimberlie Dykeman: Coach I Confidante I Wingman has officially relaunched. I am indeed driven to save the high-touch elements of face-to-face human interactions, authentic communications and nonsensical pursuits of joy. My success stories prove my science & observation-based methodology which leverages the tried and true foundational guts of yesteryear- when folks said “please”, families ate dinner together, neighbors actually knew each other, exercise was not a 4-letter word, handwritten thank you notes were mailed frequently, and folks solved problems by SPENDING MORE TIME TOGETHER and ACTUALLY TALKING. My niche focus of gentleman executives, leaders and entrepreneurs is completely based on the trickle-down theory: a healthier, happier and more hopeful man of influence will ripple positive changes throughout his circle of authority and entire social village.

So jump on over to KimberlieDykeman.com to learn about Dykeman’s progressive offerings.  ~ KD


The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do.”   ~ Pablo Picassopage-0ART REFLECTS LIFE- BUY SOME!!! I know so many folks who, like me, attend art shows and market events and rarely pick up a piece for their own homes or as gifts. Over the years I have added to my own collection with prints, etchings, ceramics, glasswork-you name it. I have also GIVEN art (and not just my works!)- and the reaction from friends and family is priceless every time. ART REFLECTS LIFE- and touches people’s hearts like nothing else.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Gift cards are crap. Anyone can give an Amazon card or sweater or restaurant certificate. BE MEMORABLE! Invest in some art! I’ll help you! Here’s a coupon to my current listed completed works… I’ll even apply it to a commissioned piece you may elect to have me create.

HOLIDAYGIFTSALE2014 15% off $100 or more. Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/kimberliedykeman

Happy Holidays!


SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: L-O-V-E

gift of L-O-V-E

 “Love wishes to perpetuate itself. Love wishes for immortality.”

   ~ Mortimer Adler, philosopher, educator and author


The best damn 4-letter word that cannot be contained in a dictionary definition. But, sometimes it seems that LOVE is a wrapped gift that widens our eyes and spurs our hearts. It keeps us wondering about the inner layers and guts and pieces until we actually burst it open. And then the question of how all the elements fit together hits us. And a little bit of our minds wish we’d never torn open the box- because the wrapping and the simplicity and mystery were easier to play with in our hearts.

Aaaahhhh love.

Aahhh, life. . ~ KD

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman

SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: under pressure

“I’d rather not be the lump of coal.  I’d rather be the COMPRESSION that turns the coal into a diamond.”     ~ Henry Rollins, writer, performer, activist & pressure-cooker

Which one are you?  Honestly.  Which – one – are – you?  If you’re not sure, dear, you’re a nimrod!  Trust me, you don’t need to pull out a microscope to dissect daily details for an answer; for it’s evident in every aspect of your lifestyle.  The friends you choose, the state of your marriage, your career path, the books you read, the music your listen to, even the clothes on your back unabashedly broadcast to the world whether you are a lump who gets trampled underfoot …or if you’re the driver of the engine, afire with verve, mighty chops and a good dose of piss-n-vinegar, stomping the ground with purpose.

Needless to say, you weren’t born to be a lump, folks.  Even if circumstances seemingly relentlessly tell you otherwise.  Just because time has ticked a wrinkle in your youthful aspirations or responsibilities rein in your freedom.  Just because your wedding band bears stories of tarnished love or your family life a litany of frightful scars.  Just because money seems to flow away from you or fate has fumbled your health…  DOESN’T MEAN YOUR FUTURE IS DICTATED BY YOUR PAST!

Hell, with all the miracles, magical moments, memories and meaning life has to offer each of us…how could you let your head and heart even consider the idea of surviving your days as a lame lump.  With the tick of each second, you are given an opportunity to make choices that matter.  Choices that ignite your potential into power that can positively influence countless others’ lives while creating glistening gems within your own.  Don’t let your mind’s own Screwtape letters reduce you to a bump-on-a-log.  Power up and press on!    ~ KD

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman

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SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: oh, Warren, how I love thee

“The snowball just happens if you’re the right kind of snow… in terms of understanding the world and what kind of friends you accumulate.  You get to select over time, and you’ve got to be the kind of person that the snow wants to attach itself to.  You’ve got to be your own wet snow, in effect.  You’d better be picking up snow as you go along, because you’re not going to be getting back up to the top of the hill again.  That’s the way life works.” *     ~ Warren Buffett,  business magnate, investor & philanthropist

The man who stands as an eerily omnipresent, often omnipotent shadow over Wall Street is still just a man.  Yet the magnificent story of his journey is one you should make an honest effort to learn.  I could not have guessed that cracking his biography would tie me to his coattails as a fascinated fan and trusting follower of his irrefutably timeless and (thankfully) timely wisdom.  In Buffett I’ve found  a brilliant mentor, straight-shooting boss, strict father, unforgettable muse and magical grandpa… overflowing with unwavering optimism yet realistic perspective and dynamic purpose.  Folks, I can only hope that you find a few “Buffetts” to confetti your life with such unique power and light .  And, in turn, you become the kind of snow others cling to with devotion.     ~ KD

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman

Shop SOAPBOX® products with promise & SUBSCRIBE to FREE MINI-MOTIVATION!    Pure Soapbox” book and audiobook available. A portion of the proceeds of all book sales is donated to charities. info@puresoapbox.com

*Quote from “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life”  by Alice Schroeder)