SOAPBOX of the week: fire it up!

   “Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.”   – William Butler Yeats, poet & Nobel Prize Winner

As little kids, that wobbly bowling ball atop our growing bodies encased a veritable sponge.  Seemingly never saturated, it sought to absorb all the info it could…so sneakers could be tied, sentences could be formed, and its “host” could participate in the game of life.  As authority figures of all types and titles traipsed into our paths, learning became a mandatory, monitored (and perhaps once-perceived endless) assignment.  Our noggins burgeoned into buckets and our teen-sized personalities flip-flopped from over-filling to rebellious dumping, well into our twenties.  And now adulthood has empowered us to choose what happens inside the real estate between our ears.  Decades of data and discipline have not only hard-wired us to handle future tides of translating, but teaching, too.  Educating yourself is an experience as magnificent and multidimensional as you want to make it.  And when the mind, body and spirit are engaged and enlightened in concert, an ignition sequence sparks a fire that has the potential to light a population’s imagination.  Trust that you are both the kindling and the bonfire and seek to strike a match for lifetimes of learning.

Copyright 2000-2010 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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SOAPBOX of the week: the essence of existence

“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.”     – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., physician, professor and poet

      Something gurgles within, gaining importance and purpose for revealing.  It brews up sensations that tickle your spine and widen your eyes.  You catch your breath and out pours an idea that changes your collective current reality. Wow!  And to think, a moment ago, “it” wasn’t even a notion!  Our own earthly existence is perpetually being eclipsed and even erased.  Yet a mere conversation can re-bloom the beautiful bouquet of our adventures and discoveries and astonish us once again.  For sharing multiplies the effect and unveils more about your past, present and future.  Proving again that no man can be a solo artist and truly extrapolate what the soul has sewn.  So, get talking, people!  Your life depends on it!

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