SOAPBOX of the week: expiration celebration

“Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”     ~ The Bible, Isaiah 22:13

     Check the bottom of your foot.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  See anything?  A phrase in permanent ink?  Something like, “Born on…” or  “Good until…” or  “Best when used by…”  No?  No tattooed set of numbers.  Nothing, huh?  Gee, big surprise there, folks.  I think it’s safe to assume that none of us were born with an expiration date, boldly declaring our earthly duration.  And even safer to say that all of us know that our tools, toys, and trash (that stuff that really doesn’t matter!) have longer shelf lives than us.  And even if you play your proverbial cards right, boldly stated, you never know when you’re gonna go!  So, how come you carry on like Father Time is your BFF, and your Bucket List is a hodgepodge of pipedreams you’ll pursue someday just to placate your inner child? 

     People, read the title:  it’s a damn Bucket List!  And if I were you, I’d grab a big red marker and add the following: STOP sweating the small stuff, LAUNCH that business idea, VISIT distant friends and family, CASH IN those vacation days, USE the good China, LOVE that person with ALL of your heart, OPEN that bottle of wine, FORGIVE everyone, STAND UP for yourself!  The future isn’t going to fire a warning shot when “things” are getting close, so  get tangled up in TODAY, forego the judicious forecasts, and reel in real joy, peace, freedom and love.  After all, your life is BEST WHEN USED…right now! 

(FYI: This is the 2nd-to-last “SOAPBOX of the week” as you know it!  The SOAPBOX® mini-motivations videos launch in 2011!)

Copyright 2000-2010 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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