SOAPBOX of the week: ohmmmmmmmm

“Should you desire the great tranquility, prepare to sweat white beads.”   – Hakuin Ekaku, 17th century Zen Master

Ooohhh, leave it to one of the most influential Buddhists of all times to lay it out there without pretenses or patience for excuses!  Indeed, you aren’t always given the reigns of control… and must simply deal with it!  Like a Mac-user waiting on a Microsoft download, you grasp the feeling of standing, with hands tied by Father Time, fighting the twitches in your furrowed brow. Now… replay some of those experiences when you freakishly fast-forwarded to the finish line, only to get sent back to the beginning.  Like opening the oven door on a prized soufflé … the results are tastelessly inferior and you end up infuriated at yourself!

Sitting on your hands…yes, like you were scolded to do as a kid… can and does keep you out of trouble.  No doubt it may cause acid reflux, but time after time, practicing patience adds another layer of faith that reinforces your trust in yourself and others.   Learn to tolerate the oh-so-uncomfortable, un-quiet quiet and your body, mind and spirit will experience the lighter, enlightening action of waiting.  Sweat it out, my friends, and take pleasure in the peace.

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