SOAPBOX of the week: the 4-letter word

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US President

Manischewitz, that’s it!  THE big idea of the 20th century that allowed an entire population to see the proverbial light and follow a leader to the mountain!  Through one of the darkest times of American history, one mantra may have indeed helped hope float, creating a life preserver to carry a nation to the next decade.  A trite, seemingly simplistic statement, it stands without need for correction, for it upholds an inherent truth ad infinitum.   Life will always present us with obstacles, dangerous situations, threats, nightmares, heart-wrenching decisions, upsetting results, and yes, the realization of our own mortality.  And, no doubt, the relentless realist in you may crave to discredit this famous assertion, arguing the endless list of potential problems and negative possibilities should warrant panic and protection.  But you won’t get an email headlining just when all hell will break loose… let alone, if at all, folks!  So call it what you will: terror, dread, worry, anxiety, alarm, apprehension, reverence, or utter petrification –the shadow FEAR casts has the undeserved power to ruin so many magical moments life is indeed also readying to deliver with dawn’s beaming light.  Choose to deny it such debilitating control and allow your eternal optimist to unabashedly embrace this leader’s plausible, though perhaps fairytale-like enlightenment.  Forever choose faith over fear and you reinforce your own authority of leading a life of memorable “aha’s!” versus “ut-oh’s!” 

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