SOAPBOX of the week: the defiance of imagination

Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress.”     ~ Thomas Edison, inventor, scientist & businessman

Remember when you were a kiddo and nothing could limit your imagination or abilities? Even when the omnipotent ogres (named Mom and Dad) interrupted your schemes with a booming NO and a list of chores, you’d soon return to your secret homebase and set to saving the world from evil or concocting a magical potion to fly.  And even though you never reeaally beat out all the bad guys, touched the clouds, nor became the first fifth grade President of the United States… day after day, with invisible cape in tow, you’d drink a glass of milk, punch your fist to the sky and jump off the front porch to have another go at it! Dreaming and trying went hand-in-hand because you just couldn’t sit still with not knowing “what if…?

So, what about now? When people, politics and predicaments halt your high-reaching, how do you redeem the cape, deactivate the doubting voice, and once again take to leaping tall buildings? Perhaps an ounce of reverse-psychology might do the trick. Imagine where you might be if you had purposefully lowered your expectations of yourself throughout life. Dropped them right to the bottom rung. Listened to naysayers. Tabled your dreams. Never asked the tough-as-nails questions. Never investigated the what-if’s in life. The results would have been completely unacceptable, if even imaginable in the first place. Right? Well, then trust that this magically unyielding childhood curiosity, which steered you clear of a stalled, unexplored life, is still within you, folks!  So, go on! and dig it up, fire it up, and wrap yourself in its power to again move you forward, onward and up, up, and away.

Copyright 2000-2010 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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