SOAPBOX of the week: radically transparent

“That which we are capable of feeling, we are capable of saying.”     – Miguel de Cervantes, poet, playwright, author of Don Quixote

I don’t know what to say.  I’m afraid how they’ll respond.  I’m too busy to explain everything.  They wouldn’t understand.  It won’t change anything anyway.  Sound familiar?  Of course it does, ‘cause we all think it…all the time!!  We violate the truth in our emotions with silence, for a plethora of reasons, causing all of our relationships to suffer, both personal and professional.  Ironically, though, when we were kids, we wore our hearts on our sleeves.  If we didn’t want something, were frightened, upset or anxious, or simply not budging…someone heard about it!  Equally, when we liked something, wanted to know something, and felt joy, trust, love, or hope… we broadcasted our feelings for the world to hear!  And we got RESULTS!  Changes were made, mistakes fixed, we got what we wanted, and relationships with the people that truly mattered grew to fulfilling, multifaceted new levels.  Wake up, folks!  We all still hold that priceless ability to openly communicate what’s on our hearts.  And fifty bucks says there’s a sensitive, outspoken child inside of you, just jones-ing to speak up!  It’s time you own up to the lame excuses you’ve been spewing for not sharing your heart-driven thoughts with those who could make a difference in your life…if they just heard them!  Turn up the volume of your heart without the barriers of fears and assumptions, and create the magical experiences that might just trump your childhood!

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