SOAPBOX of the week: the dual mirror of decency

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”     – Jesus, Book of Luke

Well, it just don’t get any simpler than that, folks!  The universal Golden Rule, that we’re spoon-fed from birth.  It knows no race, religion or culture and has the awesome influence to create harmony, diffuse rage, jump-start conversation, instigate contemplation and self-reflection, and nurture L-O-V-E!  And we know just how gooood it feels, not only when neighbor or nameless honorably applies this immutable “ethical code of life” for our benefit; but also when we do the same.  Unfortunately, it’s in our unyielding, selfish pursuits of happiness, that we oftentimes morph our inalienable rights into actions of pompous privilege and entitlement…and trample innocent bystanders along the way.  What about investing some overdue time and energy into the converse of this landmark law:  “Do NOT do unto others as you would NOT have them do unto you.” For, with freedom and opportunity, comes responsibility.  When we acknowledge the effects of our own actions and imagine ourselves on the receiving end, only then can we truly absorb the omnipotent message.  Folks, we’re all mortal human beings.   It’s our obligation to honor the spirit of fairness that lies at the heart of morality.  Choose to consistently confetti this lifesaving truth into your own lifestyle and personality and more folks might just do the same.  Confirming that you are indeed both poles of the law of attraction.

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