SOAPBOX of the week: refresh your formula

“The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race.”     ~ Don Marquis, American humorist & journalist

     When asked for the proverbial “recipe for success” most folks ramble off a regurgitated list of requisites, like hard work, networking, tenacity; perhaps a gameplan and willingness to make sacrifices….and toss in a pinch of faith.  Yup, a practical concoction of generic brand components that makes for a yet pathetically tasteless formula.  Like Aunt Marva’s annual casserole that no one has the heart to tell ain’t worth the reused take-out tin that it’s in.  But, dare I say, I think what’s infinitely more important is identifying which ingredients should be eighty-sixed from your pantry indefinitely.  I mean, how long have you been trying to concoct a killer soufflé of success with a grocery list of a sedentary lifestyle, ex-spouse issues, fear of failure and lack of accountability?  Do you really think combining poor organization, procrastination, and no rewards or relaxation will fluff up into a batch of mouth-watering, enviable delectables?  So stop tossing the same crap in your cart!  You don’t have to be Martha or Emeril to realize the results you seek.  Clean out the cluttered cupboards and coolers and start from scratch, folks!  A fresh, bold, more vivid perspective will open up a whole new world and empower you to cook up a truly fulfilling, flavorful life. 

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