SOAPBOX of the week: proclamation of emancipation

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”    – Janis Joplin, singer- songwriter

Are you living cage-free?  Sounds like a silly question, right?  But think about it.  After all, we are all divinely blessed with sovereignty over our choices.  And yet, so very many of us invest out time, energy, efforts, and emotions in obsolete, inconsequential “things” and, unknowingly, impound and chain ourselves to their immovable, valueless positions.   SO I ask you: 

If you are not free of debt, have you lost your priorities?

If you are not free of pride, have you lost your place in society?

If you are not free of distractions, have you lost your discipline? 

If you are not free of conflict, have you lost your communication?

If you are not free of guilt, have you lost your value system?

If you are not free of fear, have you lost your ability to love?

If you are not free of worry, have you lost your faith? 

If you are not free to speak the truth, have you lost your voice?

A “yes” to any of these doesn’t forever fence you in.  Heck, if anything, a confession of self-containment might just smack you upside the head and prompt you to fly the coop without hesitation.  And in acknowledging what indeed needs to be shed, you’ll understand just how to swaddle yourself in what is worth becoming your second skin…and immediately notice how much “lighter” living can feel.  So, start sloughing, bust through the barricades and embrace the vitality of emancipation.


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