SOAPBOX of the week: 154 million strong

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”     – Theodore Roosevelt, US President

Tis Labor Day, the day we honor all the folks that hustle each and every day.  Even after the demise of our economy over the past two years, more than 154 million still shed blood, sweat and tears still roll up sleeves to roll in a paycheck.  Whether you’re juggling 2 part-time positions, clocking a solid 40, or riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster,   you contribute to the welfare of this massive nation and your own little neighborhood all the same.  That said, I challenge you to REALLY THINK ABOUT the social and economic contributions that you, a vibrant, strong American worker bee, have made to the growth, wealth, and prosperity of this country.  My pop used to say that hard work never killed anyone!  Perhaps the opposite is moreso the truth. So take this day to reflect, reconnect and rejoice at the opportunities that knock at your door each day, then dive right back in with your hair on fire and believe that your labor is a gift that keep giving .   


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