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The time has come to give you a summary of PURE SOAPBOX: Motivation for the Modern Man… so you gents know what you’re getting yourself into when you subscribe!  Together, my two shows, SOAPBOX® shot in the arm and EVOLVE or Decay, deliver down-to-earth stories, powerful insights, industry specific strategies and wit that get you fired up about the choices and changes you can make to regain influence over your circumstances to become a better man, sharper leader, more communicative spouse, more compassionate friend, more inspiring father and overall more courageous human being. In a nutshell: a DOUBLE SHOT of the fuel you need as an Executive or Entrepreneur who runs at full throttle every damn day. HAVE A LISTEN:

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Thank you for listening and cheers to you for investing in yourself.  If you dig the show, please subscribe and send feedback!  This helps me stand out from the crowd and help folks find solid advice and motivation they need as I launch to larger distribution platforms. Feel free to connect and learn more:

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Thank you again. Now, pass it on and remember… Never Stop EVOLVING.    ~ KD

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