SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: tell me the meaning of life

“We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone, we find it with another. ” Thomas Merton, author and social activist

It’s that time of year.  Don’t deny it, folks.  Every single one of you could attest to finding yourself wondering, albeit for a minute or a whole CSI Miami marathon, how this year will be …DIFFERENT.  How you will be different.  How your situation will be different.  How your goals will be different.  How your priorities will be different.  How “things” will be just be DIFFERENT.  Well, you will not find the answer inside your tightly wound, analytical little noggin, I theorize.  Nope.  For answers and meanings and fixes and fresh ideas and new perspectives can only take their quintessentially divine shapes if shared with another person… or, heck, a hundred others.  Think about.  Now …DO something about it.  Life ticks by with or without the ball dropping in NYC.  Find your meaning… your purpose, your peace and joy… by simply opening up and sharing. 

Between you and me: this is something I realized a looooong time ago.  It may still be a work in progress… but the progress is incredible!  So, the quicker you “get it”, the quicker you can bring more meaning into your life!  Amen.      ~KD 

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