SOAPBOX of the week: full plate of prosperity

“The breakfast of champions is not cereal, it’s the opposition.”   – Nick Seitz, golf commentator and author

Ask any successful, wisdom-filled entrepreneur what they fill their metaphorical fueltank with each morning and you’ll get the same answer:  anything that contests their goals and has the potential power to thwart their passionate mission.  Waking yet again to tireless, cutting-edge competition and volatile market trends, close-minded pessimists and their very own doubtful demons, they choose to sit down and devour the plateful like a steaming stack of flapjacks with a side of crisp bacon.  So what about you?  Certainly, you can’t ignore, avoid or shoo away the existence of antagonists; nor do you have to be another rat in the rat race, leveraging negativity, dishonesty and manipulation.  Oh, but you don’t have to be someone’s dinner either.  Perhaps it’s time you pushed aside that depleted duo of Wheaties and wheatgrass (or whiskey for some of you!) and instead extracted the high-octane from such meaty rivals.  Choose to tap that energy to maintain honesty, community and compassion in your ambitious pursuits and you’ll find opposition, in its truest nature, undoubtedly drives you to create an even greater champion within you.

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