SOAPBOX of the week: scheming success

“When you know what you want the whole world conspires you to achieve it.”    – Paulo Coelho, lyricist & novelist

News flash, folks.  You are standing in your own way.  Mhmm.  At least your negative thoughts are.  Don’t believe me?  What does it take to make you believe that “the system” is against you?  That life is doling out a Groundhog’s Day serving of Murphy’s Law with a side-order of hell-in-a-hand-basket sandwich?  Truth is, the real answers may lie in the fact that you still don’t know who you are, what you want or what your true purpose is, and you’re EXPECTING the universe to hand-deliver a silver platter of solutions with an entourage of screaming fans.  So, Negative Nancy, what if you deleted those paranoiac judgments of an unyieldingly undermining world and considered all the things that are going right for you and setting you up for a killer day?!  

Connect the dots and reality paints a whole new gloriously positive picture; and with it comes enlightenment and a resolute path of vitality and clarity.  Perhaps then you’ll even choose to upload a new theory -one that will indeed lift your spirit with the compelling concept that the world is working synergistically and symbiotically in your favor…one person at a time!  Around town, and perhaps around the world, random individuals are spreading your good name, sharing your information, completing tasks, investigating opportunities, and getting people talking… all for your benefit.  Yup… people are conspiring FOR YOU.   Working unsolicitously and hoping that others get fired up about your solid reputation, your brilliant work, your fresh ideas, your steadfast friendship…hell, even your stunning, perhaps quirky, smile!  Pair a positive clear outlook with this presumed glee club of personal advocates, and there’s nothing you can’t achieve.  Trust that at any moment, life is creating people who are indeed rooting for you …working to bless you beyond your imagination.  So, cheer up, wake up, wise up, and ring the damn bell!

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One thought on “SOAPBOX of the week: scheming success

  1. Loved this one. So much on this wave length these days. Universal conspiring and all that jazz. I’ll take it and some dessert, please.
    love to you,

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