SOAPBOX of the week: refuse to repeat

“Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese.”    –  Haw from Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson

Make today the day that you plunge into uncharted territory. Purposefully cross paths with some of the sharpest strangers you will ever meet in your life. Throw a proverbial curve ball at your comfort zones and associate yourself with people from whom you can continuously learn about life on a daily basis. Scroll your picture show as ever changing and ever expanding.

No doubt, any and all of this sounds a little scary, like being strapped into a 24/7 roller coaster. But given a choice, I think you’d rather take that over Groundhog Day any day. The world offers so much out there for you to experience. You only need to open your minds. And, those of you who know of this quoted book are probably smiling right now, having another “a-ha!” or two. Just, think back to when peanut butter and jelly became old news. You have so very much to gain from even entertaining the idea of change, but trust me, it’s even better when you let osmosis get the best of you. Choose to diligently and actively lay out a fabulous future. Choose to make each day’s closing scroll of credits one that Spielberg would envy. And understand that with change comes adventure and unpredictability with absolutely priceless rewards.

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