SOAPBOX of the week: the silver lining of suffering

“A broken heart is a rite of passage and, looking back, I must have wanted one pretty badly.”     – David Sedaris, comedian and author

Perhaps it came out of left field, as if someone slapped a “KICK ME” post-it on your back with a tagline…”and leave a mark.”  Or all the signs were there but you just wouldn’t see them.  Regardless the lead-time to the headline, the impact was the same: life shattering, and the universal reaction yielded one abysmal question: What do I do now?  Well, what if I said…Celebrate!?  After all you’ve earned it!  You experienced the priceless joy, peace, and enlightenment that bless you when you open your mind, share your heart, lay down your ego, and trust another.  Even though true love’s initiation delivered a double-edge of extreme highs and lows, you’re still alive and kickin’, folks,  and the real you has emerged.  So, I say again, celebrate this experience!  Knowing that your willingness to leap for love allowed your heart to heal and beat even stronger.  You earned your graduation to the next stage of life.  And so, welcome to the real world!

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