SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: come to REAL life

“This world is a great sculptor’s shop.  We are the statues and there is a rumour going round the shop that some of us are some day going to come to life.” ~ C. S. Lewis, Christian apologist, novelist, poet, academic & literary critic

Indeed, who you appear to be, in body of nature is a mere shadow of who you may become in spirit.  Many believe that we are always evolving -for our surroundings, circumstances, genetics and choices give us a daily dance that either extends or extinguishes our possibilities.  But within the shell of skin and bones is a fertile planting ground for a spirit to grow and ultimately transform each of us.  No matter your faith or strength of it, someday you will forget your solid self for the sake of your soul and radiate that which will soon take over.  I believe we have all been created in such a way that movement is secondary to meaning; your pulse gives you eternal purpose .     ~ KD

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman

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