SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: the cost of tooting

Can I ask you a personal question?  Do you …toot? 

Got your attention, huh?!  But when I say toot I mean do you toot your own horn?  Before you jump on me and deny that you could ever be slammed as a boaster, a braggert, a gloater or grandstander… here’s a second question to ponder.  Do you know the difference between peacocking your latest laundry list of achievements in search of applause… and simply stating your status for the sake of keeping your personal and professional peeps up to speed?   Mind you, it’s truly a subjective analysis and a fine line, perhaps at that.  Of course an immensely guilty party is the web if social media sites relentlessly fueling the fire by seducing the masses to tweet, toot, and tell-all ’til they’re blue in the face (while raking in the billions, of course!).  Alas, you can’t live with ’em, you can’t live without ’em, right?  So, my soapbox point is, as usual, a mere confession of amusement and careful observation, followed by a prompting to hold up one’s own mirror and tell yourself the truth:  Do you toot??  Take a few extra moments to listen for and consider the responses to your raving and reveling, and you’ll see if indeed you’ve blurred the line in your favor…but against the ears of others.     ~ KD

Copyright 2011 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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