SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: motivation defined

Today’s treat is part of a project being started by my pal Kevin McCrudden… the man who pushed to have January 2 established as National Motivation & Inspiration Day!  So I created a few little ditties for him…

Motivation.  Some folks like to toss them into the same basket with a lackluster, clichéd definition of  “that get-up-n-go-attitude”.   Yawn.  Worse still is the scenario, for far too many people, wherein they forgot what a sensation of uplifting drive and unstoppable vision  really feels like.  If you don’t know what a duck looks like, walks like or sounds like…you ain’t gonna find a duck anywhere.  Got it?  Perhaps it’s time you add a colorful and undeniably memorable definition to YOUR picture of MOTIVATION and see just how it takes shape in your daily life.  ~ KD  Support Kevin’s efforts at TheMotivationStation

Copyright 2011 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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