SOAPBOX of the week: exploration of evolution

Hey, Folks!  First off, thank you for joining me on an incredible journey as the little SOAPBOX® Queen.  This final vignette is oh-so-special, for several reasons:  it is an ode to my idol and mentor, Oprah; it is a fair adieu to the written blog format of my vignettes, whose “magic” proved that reading weekly perspective-shifting motivations indeed has lasting, profound impact on one’s life;  and it is a beaming HELLO! to  multiple new mediums for my SOAPBOX® mini-motivations and the SOAPBOX® brand at large.  So please keep coming back, tell others to plug-in, and be ready to BE INTERACTIVE…’cause Kimberlie Dykeman and SOAPBOX® may be coming to your city and knocking on your door soon!  Cheers to 2011 and cheers to the person you are about to become!


“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”     ~ Oprah Winfrey, media mogul

     Dive into the deep end of your imagination and whirl through the virtual ocean of your existence. Yup, grab an oxygen tank ‘cause we’re going deep, folks! And why not? I mean you must be sick of the kiddie pool, that’s filled with lukewarm experiences, overused toys, regurgitated conversations and all-too-familiar rookies who refuse to grow up? So then, are you stuck treading water in the 6’ section; right where the slant starts and you gurgle with fear that your goggles will fog up and you’ll slip up and sink into a dark abyss?

     Folks, deep is where it’s at! Where a glorious fairytale current swirls up a future as infinite as the universe. Its layers sparkle with the magnificence of your brilliant ideas… without the glass ceilings, childhood wishes of carefree pursuits…without the strict chaperones, and multidimensional conversations…without time and weather stamps nor dredged up drama. Deep is where all your senses are stimulated; where you have the power to ripple robust change and epic momentum into your life each and every day. Don’t ignore the call for “adult swim”! Leave the shallow behind for good and evolve in the subterranean!

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