SOAPBOX of the week: break the holding pattern

“The future has no lobby.”     –  Peter G. Peterson, banker, author, and politician

Let me say that again.  The future HAS NO LOBBY.  Period.  There are only two rooms, in the biosphere of life: A, the present and B, the past.  That’s it.  No need for a hallway to connect them, since everyone ultimately passes from A to B.  And certainly no warmly-lit foyer sprinkled with comfy loveseats, droning Muzak, and artificial arrangements.  So, look around. Is your current reality room housing countless anxious awaiters sporting falsely-at-ease facades? Are your relationships revolving around the collective glorious plans yet to be?  Are you stuck in unresolved, record-skipping conversations while sipping free crappy, no-name coffee and banking that the next someone who enters will indeed ignite your future now?  Sorry to be the kill-joy, but there’s a reason why all the People magazines are nine months old.  You’ve parked yourself in the past, where a pie-in-the-sky future-perfect will never manifest.  See, opportunities and potential blessings can only be seen clearly through the windows of the present.  …and that drive-through is always open!  So, stop idling in your own history.  Leave the lobby-in-your-mind and truly experience a here-and-now worthwhile…that you didn’t grow old waiting for.

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