SOAPBOX of the week: set free the animosity

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”     – Malachy McCourt, writer and politician

Some wise person once enlightened me with the deflatingly realistic truth that people can and will let us all down.  Weaved amidst the plethora of people, places and things you see, go and do, are situations that arise to tangle your plans, stomp your expectations, and defeat your hopes.  In virtually every place you and someone else cross paths, that somebody has the ability to let you down.  Be it with benign backfiring or malicious intent, their actions will cause nuisance and nuclear blast alike, leaving your spirit with wounds of hurt, anger, loss, and regret.  Left to fester, they poison your heart and mind, while the wrong-doer simply moves on.  But regardless the impact, it’s ultimately your choice -if and when- to forgive.  Electing absolution allows for your healing and rebuilding with a mere memory of the mistake left to fade.  Learn to let go, and you’ll learn to hold on to what matters –living a fearless life still chock full of positive plans, expectations, and hopes.

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