SOAPBOX of the week: drop your weapons!

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.”     – Sholom Aleichem, author and playwright

For the lot of us walking this earth, we shall bear title of wise and fool, rich and poor countless times in our lives. And thus life shall appear a dream of magical imagining and pursuing; a game of senseless galumphing; a comedy of carefree consuming; and a tragedy of painful enduring. Where we each begin or end matter not, for the ebb and flow of a greater current is at hand here. And therein lies great beauty in the mystery. Alas, though, nowhere in this verse does it say life is a battle, nor a war, nor a challenge to be stared down, fought or overcome by any of the characters. So, then, why do many of us assert ourselves through the days with swords held high and shields at full coverage? There is no ONE EVIL OPPONENT to seek and destroy, and the whole world ain’t out to getcha, friends! Furthermore, a mouthful of deflective judgment, six-pack of pepper spray, and tube of SPF 100 ain’t the solution for survival. After all, countless folks are simply caught up in their own changing current…unaware of this so-called duel you’re claiming. So, perhaps it’s time you lower your weapons and stop wounding the innocent; shed your armor, reveal your heart, and trust your intuition. Life is a journey, regardless the lens you’re viewing it through; but it’s a heckofalot easier to course the rhythm and rhyme without all the gear weighing you down.

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