SOAPBOX of the week: The skinny on stress

“If worry were an effective weight-loss program,
    women would be invisible.”     – Nancy Drew, detective

This one is for the ladies to comedically commiserate each other with …and the guys to nod and do the eye-roll.  You know I’m right!  BUT it is so true!  We are such worrywarts, us gals…able to cover the gamut of “what-if’s, careful-not-to’s and woulda-shoulda-coulda’s” for a family of four -at least… and indeed we’d wipe ourselves out if each burned off its burden in calories!  So why do we do so, almost without second thought, and often without real reason?  Perhaps in looking past the symptoms, you’ll find the ultimate source of your fears, apprehension and needless lost sleep.  Choose to stare down those instigators or kick ‘em to the curb ….and you’ll gain a healthy wellbeing of calm, cool and collected.”

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman

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