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SOAPBOX® Shot in the ARM…. Is just that, a jolt of perspective, optimism and purpose colorfully engineered and spoken with palpable compassion and enthusiasm. Anyone can regurgitate famous quotes- but instead Dykeman delivers a refreshing angle on the timeless yet timely words of thought pioneers, industry icons, favorite fictional characters, and old adages to deliver bite-sized, progressive life lessons. She dares listeners to step away from pedestrian motivational lip-service and candy-coated cheerleading, by offering often unwavering sage wisdom …using her New York bent and shrewd wit. These signature vignettes are the cornerstone of the SOAPBOX® Evolution brand, first launched when Dykeman began her coaching business back in 1999, and they are the heart and soul of Kimberlie Dykeman.

Evolve or Decay show episode graphic

Dykeman is truly taking a leap with the series Evolve or Decay after all in the business world, now-a-days, WOMEN are supposed to be supporting and helping OTHER WOMEN. Dykeman’s take: it’s never been US against THEM; we all benefit when we simply help one another. This show is a true call to action that speaks to the dis-ease of STRESS spreading throughout society with a specific wicked target on men.

The same STRESS that drives a man to be a high achiever, leader and influencer is the very same that can and does bring him to his knees. But Corporate America, the media, advertising, entertainment, our schools and even our families keep recycling the same messed up message to men:  You are not supposed to SHOW or SHARE the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual SYMPTOMS stemming from the growing PROBLEMS in your life.  In a phrase or two: “Suck it up and deal with it!”

Reminiscent of Merv and Oprah, Dykeman is bold, provocative and HUMAN, spotlighting the issues, opening up the conversation for all to benefit, and offering empathy, encouragement and practical solutions. Definitely a risky show sure to evoke and stand-out amidst the noise.