SOAPBOX® mini-motivation

Back from a reprieve and feeling like a million bucks… a glorious difference from last week.  And yet even with the build-up of fatigue  …from stress, too-many-a-late-night, juggling countless projects, missing  my family, and too much running and yoga (yes, it’s apparently possible?)… I swept it all under the rug when talking to folks and put on a strong front.  Even kept the “good stuff” inside as well.  WHAT THE HELL FOR, I ask myself?!  

Sound familiar, folks?  Be honest, now.  And while you’re at it, imagine just how much more resilient you’d feel and how much more robust all of your relationships would indeed become if you did open your proverbial piehole and let out the emotional good, bad and ugly.  Keeping it all isn’t an example of creative composting…it’s more like land-filling, friends.  So speak on and speak up and perhaps you’ll smile a bit more.   What a concept!     ~ KD

Copyright 2011 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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