SOAPBOX® mini-motivation…pura vida

“Es una historia sobre vidas en estado puro. Es pura vida.”    ~ José María Mendiluce, award-winning novelist of film entitled Pura Vida

 “It is a story of lives that are in a pure state. It is pura vida.”   What could that obscure little verse possibly mean to Americans…I mean, U.S. folks.  (After all the land from which this precious and ironically omnipotent phrase blooms is also in America.  South America.  The land of Costa Rica.)

Pure vida is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of Costa Ricans…and I am en route this week to sample the menu.  Mind you, for most of us, our spirits are frazzled from stress; our minds fractioned from too many decisions; our bodies poor examples of health in a fast-food-nation mocked by assembly-lined plastic surgery shops.  But there is another way of thinking and, therefore, doing…living.  With ease and fewer expectations and gratefulness of the little things.

Pure vida  is the seemingly out-or-reach, beautiful butterfly of joy, peace and optimism we find ourselves chasing after, albeit with super-sized net and insect spray…once we realize the clichéd “American Dream” of the 19th century doesn’t really hold its punch.  The promise of the possibility of prosperity and success indeed wipes out the more admirable pursuits of life and happiness, when too many entitled folks use freedom to a fault.  Perhaps PURE LIFE is is just dying to pursue us.

Pure vida, then, is my prayer for you… for me.  Your “good life” in its most truthful properties and meaning…is good for me.  After all, what goes around…!


Copyright 2011 by Kimberlie Dykeman.

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