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“I don’t believe in Beatles. I just believe in me.”      ~ John Lennon, music icon, social activist

 Aaaahhh, yes, here we have another anecdote from yet another pioneer of timeless society who embodied greatness both with and without his band of brothers.  Indeed we are all part of some larger entity— friendship, family, a team, organization, corporation, or perhaps even book-of-the-month club or rock-n-roll band. The list scrolls endlessly. You could plug yourself into a jillion partnerships for reasons of acceptance, recognition, money, accountability factors, social aspects, personal rewards, hell, even just to say you are a member of something!

So, take a moment and think about why you still proudly carry the virtual membership card for each. I hope that when all is said and done, regardless of whatever bonuses you reap from such fellowships, you realize that you are the magical ingredient in each entity.  The fact is you get what you give once you acknowledge the absolute greatness that you embody simply as a solo artist. Trust in your uniqueness, that these outside affiliations stand secondary to the ultimate union between you and your true heart. Give yourself  “buy-in”  first, then decide where your music might turn symphony— and plug in!  Belief is an extremely powerful instrument, provided you learn how to play it.      

~ KD


This is an excerpt from Pure Soapbox” by Kimberlie Dykeman. Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman.
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