SOAPBOX® mini-motivation

They say, timing is everything.  Yup.  I have to agree.  Timing made it OK for me to not write a ditty or volley a new SOAPBOX® video in your inbox on Monday.  Instead, I let timing  takes its course and drive me to scribe today.  The day after I met Kevin Carroll. (www.kevincarrolkatalyst.comTiming allowed him to water the seed of optimism, determination, imagination, energy, love and passion that I’d already planted in my own heart so many years ago…but which still, ALWAYS needs more nurturing.

“Pursuing your life’s work requires CONSTANT CREATIVITY because the paths will not always be obvious or easy to follow.”     ~ Kevin Carroll, author, speaker, agent for social change

I hope timing has its way with you today, this week, this month.           ~ KD


Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman.
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