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“The peace we seek to win is not victory over any other people, but the peace that comes with healing in its wings; with compassion for those who have suffered; with understanding for those who have opposed us; with the opportunity for all the peoples.”     ~ Richard M. Nixon


Three cheers for our humble, honorable, stoic squad of Seals who have again proved the positive result of discipline, devotion and a collective daring spirit.  Another day in the history of U.S. record books ripples a response of revolution ‘round the globe.  A demonic, hell-bent Hitler-esque human, whose shadow darkened the lives and liberties of countless blessed beings, has been taken out of our misery, and victory shines on the face of justice once again.  One can only pray that the residual effect will wave a wanting of all peoples to again come together for a greater goodness; to rally and conquer even more evil that still stomps this heavenly earth;  and to celebrate a memory of what peace can look like for us all, if indeed we all want it.  And I pray, that we all do want it.     ~  KD


Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman.
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