Kimberlie Dykeman’s SOAPBOX Videos Infiltrate the ‘Net!

The SOAPBOX® Queen has just released the first series of SOAPBOX® video vignettes to the public!  Kimberlie Dykeman’s SOAPBOX® motivational vignette series delivers audiences a call to action without candy-coating or band-aid therapy.  The TV host and producer, international spokesperson and author leverages the power of profundity in famous quotes, and conveys bite-sized gems of forward-thinking life lessons through her signature inspirational yet witty animated commentary. 

Ironically, ten years ago the SOAPBOX® motivation vignette was born with Dykeman emailing her executive coaching clients their weekly jolt of motivation with a swift kick in the pants…. a-la “the Monday Soapbox Edition”.   Come full circle, the weekly blog has subscribers across the world and the SOAPBOX® name has developed in to a full-fledged brand with future products including more books, a network TV talk show, lifestyle tools, and a philanthropy division.

View, share, and download SOAPBOX® videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Blip.TV, MetaCafe, MySpace and more.  Just Google the woman! 

Drop the SOAPBOX® widget on your own site: WIDGETBOX

Buy the book Pure Soapbox   Grab copies for your friends, family, business colleagues, and customers…  remember, anyone can give cookies!  PLUS, everyone could use motivation with a swift kick in the pants, now and then!  (Available in national bookstores, online retailers and of course  You can order personally signed copies s well!)  Plus, a portion of the proceeds from all book sales is donated to LIVESTRONG™!  

Pass it on and CARPE DIEM Because Life is Short!”

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